TEA LEAF SALAD (Lahpet Thohk)

What's in your kit:

Pickled Tea Assorted Double Fried Beans Cabbage

Burmese Dried Shrimps Garlic Clove(s)

Bird’s Eye Chilli(es) Lahpet Dressing

Fish Sauce

Sesame Seeds (garnish)

What you need at home:

Medium sized Tomatoes
2-3 (S), 4-6 (L)

1⁄4 (S), 1⁄2 (L)


1) Finely slice the tomatoes, garlic & chilli(es)

2) Finely shred the cabbage

3) Add all the ingredients to a bowl apart from the sesame seeds

4) Squeeze the lime on top

5) Mix well & portion

6) Garnish with sesame seeds

7) Enjoy!